It’s exciting – you’re getting a new kitchen! But, how well have you prepared for this major project?

In this article we will discuss 5 important steps to prepare your home for a new kitchen.

Placing and positioning your appliances

  1. Everyone has their preferred method of preparing food in their kitchen and the preferred locations for their appliances. If the current locations of these do not suit you, now is the time to rectify this – plan where you want to locate these so you can draw up the new layout. 
  2. Most importantly take the measurements of all these spaces especially if you are planning on shopping for and purchasing new appliances.

Efficient kitchen workflow 

  1. Consider your methods of working in the kitchen so that you can plan for the most efficient workflow. 
  2. Ensure those cabinets and drawers which store the most frequently used items – like utensils, condiments and cookware – are within easy reach.   
  3. Exit and entrances to your home may affect your kitchen workflow – with family comings and goings – and should also be considered when planning your new layout.

Avoid design changes

  1. Mid-project design changes which could seriously delay your project, so do your planning thoroughly. 
  2. Before construction begins, rehearse your kitchen methods several times to be sure your new layout will work efficiently and smoothly. 
  3. Make all your selections and order all your appliances and cabinetry well in advance of construction so that delivery will be in time for installation.

Order all your essentials early 

  1. Order all your essential appliances, furniture and cabinetry as soon as possible so that they arrive in time for installation after construction. If these are being manufactured or custom-built, allow for extra time for completion and delivery of these. 
  2. Usually contractors only complete the finishing touches to a construction after the installation of all appliances installations, so order early to avoid any delays caused by last minute appliance changes, late deliveries or delayed installations of these. 

Prepare your home for construction

  1. Empty your cabinetry completely, and empty or remove everything else in the kitchen.
  2. Create a clear pathway, free of any obstacles, for contractors to exit and enter your home, wide enough for their equipment and for the delivery of your appliances.
  3. Remove all pictures, wall hangings and mirrors etc. on the other side of the walls in any adjoining rooms so that these will not be knocked off when construction is taking place.
  4. Protect other rooms from dust and debris and if possible close off the construction area with plastic taping or use dust sheets over the furniture. 
  5. For the duration of the construction either relocate for a temporary stay with nearby family or friends or set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home so that you can still prepare healthy home meals.
  6. Re-locate your fridge to this temporary kitchen, organise a table for preparing meals and storing the small appliances you will need as well as some crockery, cups and cutlery.
  7. Remember to protect the floors and carpets underneath your temporary kitchen from spills etc.

So you’ve done your design thoroughly, your home is organised for construction and your new appliances have been ordered. Now your kitchen remodelling project can begin. With your careful and detailed fore-planning, your project should run smoothly and your new kitchen should be a huge success and should delight you for many years to come.

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